• Francisco Ganhão

    Francisco Ganhão

    I'm a researcher and a nasty gogetter dude and love photography above all!

  • Ikponmwoba Eloghosa

    Ikponmwoba Eloghosa

  • Clarrisa Lee

    Clarrisa Lee

    Writer, Blogger, Marketer, Etsy Shop Owner and Happily Married Sewing Aficionado who Likes to Consider Things | Visit www.later-means-never.com

  • Jeanie Mayer

    Jeanie Mayer

    Freelance Writer in the Wild- specializing in marketing and business promotion, media writing, non-fiction & flash fiction. www.BusinessWritingSolutions.org

  • Kolamanvitha


    Trying to make sense of this world using math and data https://www.linkedin.com/in/manvitha-kola/

  • Sarthak Bhagat

    Sarthak Bhagat

  • Dmitry Kalyanov

    Dmitry Kalyanov

    Machine Learning Engineer, Intel

  • Donatella Capretti

    Donatella Capretti

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